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Student Testimonies

What our student have to say is VERY important to us!


 Your classes are simply GREAT! Your teaching style, attention to detail and professionalism place your courses far above the bar. The Range Safety Officer and Basic Pistol Instructor Courses provided the bridge necessary in my transition from 20 years of military training and experience to working with civilians who are interested in firearm training.  I look forward to participating in more of your courses!!!!!

Jon P. 
U.S. Army MSG(Ret)
CEO, SBTactical

Hi Stan,

I wanted to thank you for a great experience in learning to become an NRA Certified Instructor in the pistol and rifle disciplines.  Your classes were very relaxed and fun to be in.  Your method of teaching with the use of TPI was something new for me as an instructor at my job.  Your explanation and teaching style of incorporating TPI throughout the classes was of much value to me going forward as an instructor in any subject matter.  Your professionalism in the classroom also translated well to the range during qualifications and being able to put to use the practicals of the classroom.  I look forward to future training courses with you and I whole-heartedly endorse and encourage anyone who wants to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude in firearms training to sign up for any of your courses!!

Thanks again,
G. R.
Santa Barbara LEO
(NRA Instructor & RSO Course)

Mr. Joslin,

 Thank you for teaching us! We all had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed the course. It increased my proficiency as an instructor, and gave me further insight on how to teach those who have never handled a firearm. Word has spread around base about our NRA course and you should have some more Marines calling you about your classes. Thank you once again for taking time out of your busy schedule and teaching a bunch of Marines we really do appreciate you for teaching us.

   Very respectfully,
   Cpl Aaron G
   29 Palms Marksmanship Training Unit
   School House Instructor

(NRA Instructor & RSO Course)

I found the NRA Basic Rifle course to be a very valuable experience, and found Stan to be an excellent instructor. He provides a good balance of providing individual attention to each student while maintaining an inclusive learning environment. My favorite part of the class, hands down, was the live fire period at the shooting range. Stan's classroom instruction transferred very well into practice and thanks to his attention, I was able to make very tight and controlled groups at 20 and 50 yards with his adjustments and suggestions.

Stan's basic rifle class was a great way to spend a Saturday, and I encourage anyone who is serious about learning proper marksmanship to sign up.
All the best,

(NRA Basic Rifle Class)

Stan thank you for everything. I had a great time learning from you and how to apply the things you taught to everyday people. It has opened my mind to new ways of thinking and also will open doors to my future as well.
Thanks again. I hope we can get together for my classes soon. 

Michael T - USMC
29 Palms Marksmanship Training Unit
(NRA Instructor & RSO Course)


Just wanted to say thank you to you, your wife and the other instructors for the great class and keeping us all safe at the range.  Kris and I learned a lot and had a great time.  Driving home, Kris said "That was awesome!"  Couldn't have said it better myself. 
Ernie S
(NRA Basic Pistol Class)

Hi Stan,
I really want to THANK YOU for such a great class!  I learned more in 4 hours from you, than I did in six weeks elsewhere.
I also was so thrilled to find a solution to my lasik monovision, which allows me to shoot, and shoot with only one gun and one target appearing in my vision instead of three which move around!  And it was fun and safe. 
Great job,and I hope to be more involved shortly!

(NRA Basic Pistol Class)


My name is Richard, I took your class the Friday before dove opener. We went out to Arvin and Lancaster. I shot well and the birds flew ok. I got 3 birds my first day and 5 the next time I went.
Also I wanted to let you know that your class was very informative. Me as a new hunter was able to teach some of the guys who I was hunting with a couple things. I am recommending your class to many people.
One big thing I want to express is after your class I felt so proud to be a hunter. Out there I came across the aftermath of people poaching and, people that can't clean up after themselves. My friends and I must have clean up thousands of shells. Anyway's thank you for your class and hope to hear from you soon.
Richard K
(Hunter Safety Class)


Stan & Kathy,

I wanted to thank you again for an awesome NRA Basic Pistol class.  It was everything I'd hoped it to be and more.  You created a very safe and friendly atmosphere and taught in a very thorough and professional way.  Jake (my 12 year old son) was very comfortable with your instruction.  I also wanted to express a special thanks for taking extra time with Jake and understanding his challenge with reading during the written test.  I will recommend you to everyone I know.
Sincerely, Bill - Westlake Village, CA
(NRA Basic Pistol Class)

I didn't get a chance last Friday evening to thank you personally for the 4 hour Hunter Safety review class.   So please accept my "thank you" today.  I do appreciate all the time and effort you put into Friday's session.
Loren R
(Hunter Safety Class)

Dear Kathy and Stan,
Thank you for the wonderful class this past Saturday.
You are awesome teachers and gave me a real sense of empowerment.
You constantly reinforced the safety rules and made me understand that they have to be second nature to us. You were also very patient with us which certainly helped me gain confidence.
Unbelievably, you even made us have fun! Everything about it was GREAT!
I am looking forward to taking more classes with you.
Thank you.
(NRA Basic Pistol Class)

"Stan's course helped alleviate the "intimidation" I felt handling and using my tactical shotgun before receiving the training.  He kept it light yet the seriousness of the subject kept us focused.  It was fun and time on the range was exciting.  Don't hesitate to take Stan's courses."
(Shotgun Home Defense Class)

I just wanted to extend a sincere thanks for last night's class. I was never in danger of falling  asleep and as a result, others will be in less danger when I am hunting!
Expect to hear from us regarding some training and further education. We need it.
Thanks again,
Brandon M

(Hunter Safety Class)

"I was afraid and a bit in awe of guns until I took this class.  Now that has all changed.  The Instructor explained in plain language the components and mechanics of a gun, the various types of guns and the different attributes of each.  He demonstrated how to safely load, unload and fire a gun.  After just a few hours of his coaching and shooting at the range, I was handling a gun with the ease of a baby's bottle.  While I will never be a gun enthusiast, I consider the knowledge I gained from this class to be invaluable and the power of feeling in control as I fired the .22 was one of those experiences that define life's moments.  If you have never fired a gun, this class is for you."
Pam S.
(NRA Basic Pistol Class)

Thank you again for the wonderful class - needless to say, we learned a lot and had a great time at the range.  It was so nice for Kathy to join us, we know she had a 5k run earlier that day yet she was very patient spotting for us and guiding us through our shots. The class just exceeded our expectations. Everything was perfect that day making it one of the very best birthday celebrations I've ever had. :-)
Agnes, Gladys and Charina
(NRA Basic Pistol Class)

Stan, I also found it a pleasure to meet you and your wife. The class was excellent, you made it interesting and fun and the others added to the fun. I appreciate your vote of confidence and look forward to enhancing my skills after a pistol purchase.
I appreciate your offer of further assistance.
Ron D.
(NRA Basic Pistol Class)

Thanks for your wonderful safety course, my son and I very much enjoyed it and now have our hunting licenses. Thanks for all your help.
Mitch and Moon L.
(Hunter Safety Class)

Thank you for all you do, without DFG volunteers like you hunting would be a thing of the past!!!
I'm very proud of my boy, he's a good kid and a great human being.
Robert G.
(Hunter Safety Class)

Hello Stan,
Just wanted to send my deepest thanks for the Home Protection Shotgun Class.
I truly appreciated your eye for detail as you instructed and coached each of us based on our needs.
The material presentation presented ideas and concepts to think about and prepare for. The range exercises were fun and challenging.
I'm now feel more confident in properly handling a shotgun for protective and recreational uses.
I hope you offer more classes that will build upon this class, offering other range exercises and concepts for the "intermediate" participants.
Thank you and God bless.
Sonia D.
(Shotgun Home Defense Class)

Thanks again for last night's class, both Callie and I had a great time and she is thrilled to have her certificate. Thanks again
Rich B.
(Hunter Safety Class)

Thank you for your gracious, patient teaching. I really appreciate it and you truly sparked an unexpected interest in me in learning to shoot. I would love to set up some private lessons. Want to really understand shooting and think I will love it.
All my best wishes
Kate M.
(Hunter Safety Class)

Very pleased with my Instructor and will be taking future classes that he offers. I was nervous about shooting and now I’m not. This is a great course and I think it would be good if the NRA offered this same course for men.
(Women on Target - Pistol)

Stan is a really good teacher. He is very reassuring, and gently and repeatedly kept reinforcing the safety measures. He is very positive and supportive, and I felt safe and on track throughout the whole day. On top of that, Kathy was helpful as well.
(Women on Target - Pistol)


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